Blocade backdating

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It’s also the second trial with a Brocade employee as the defendant.

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Reyes' defence lawyer, Richard Marmaro, said that he plans to appeal.

Jensen’s attorneys quickly have tried to make the case as much a battle over which department—HR or finance—ought to shoulder the blame for what amounts to a compensation and accounting scheme as over Jensen’s personal role in the fraud.

In her opening statement, Jensen’s defense attorney, Jan Nielsen Little of San Francisco-based Keker & Van Nest, described her client as little more than a corporate house mother whose job as the head of human resources at Brocade was merely “the care and feeding of employees.” Jensen, 48, studied psychology at the University of California at Davis and in 1979 began her career as a personal assistant at Apple Computer, where she worked for 18 years.

Jensen had never been involved in stock option pricing before she got to Brocade.

Asked by reporters for his reaction, defense attorney Richard Marmaro said, "Total shock." AP noted that Reyes wiped his forehead with a handkerchief and glared at the jury as the verdict was announced.

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