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Last year, Microsoft was forced to shut down its chatbot, Tay, after the system became corrupted with hate speech.

While the firm's second chatbot, Zo, seemed to be more censored, a new report suggests that it could be suffering the same ill fate as its predecessor.

However artificial AI may be, it gave a dad immortality.

James Vlahos preserved his father in the form of an artificially intelligent entity that lives on his phone.

The results showed that Woebot was successfully able to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – the most effective treatment for mood-based disorders.

Students who used Woebot also reported a significant reduction in their symptoms of depression and anxiety, and said that the chatbot made them feel empathised with.

The chatbot, called Woebot, has been developed by researchers from Woebot Labs in San Francisco.

It runs through Facebook Messenger, and acts as a personal therapist to help address users' mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety.

It is programmed to avoid chatting about politics and religion, although the recent report suggests it may have malfunctioned.Halle Berry couldn't stomach rumors she was pregnant, so she let her stomach do the talking to prove she's not.The 50-year-old actress was leaving Cecconi's restaurant in We Ho Thursday night ...It’s an endearing and creative use of 21st-century technology to achieve an ancient dream: living forever.“Dadbot,” as Vlahos calls it, is made up of 12 hours of recordings from an oral history project the journalist started after his father John was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2016.

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