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Each tenant is assigned its own logical resources (virtual machines, virtual storage, virtual networks).

These logical resources are isolated from each other, unless specifically allowed by security policies.

Or just leave the "Computer" field empty to use the default: the local computer.

When the results are displayed, you can use the "Copy" button at the bottom to copy them to the clipboard, or the "Save" button to save them to a (tab delimited) text file, or the "Print" button (or using its keyboard shortcut) to open a print preview of the results.

) seems to have caught the industry off guard, much as they do at just about the same time every year.

Without question, it is the most powerful SSD in the world for its size, and because of its speed, size and great value mix, has stirred the interest of PC enthusiasts and media professionals who want it now.

The Network Function Virtualization (NFV) use case involves orchestration and management of networking functions such as a Firewalls, Intrusion Detection or Preventions Systems (IDS / IPS), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), caching, Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization, etc.

1 Overview of Open Contrail 1.1 Use Cases 1.2 Open Contrail Controller and the v Router 1.3 Virtual Networks 1.4 Overlay Networking 1.5 Overlays based on MPLS L3VPNs and EVPNs 1.6 Open Contrail and Open Source 1.7 Scale-Out Architecture and High Availability 1.8 The Central Role of Data Models: SDN as a Compiler 1.9 North-Bound Application Programming Interfaces 1.10 Graphical User Interface 1.11 An Extensible Platform 2 Open Contrail Architecture Details 2.2 The Open Contrail Forwarding Plane 2.3 Service Chaining 2.4 Control and Management Plane Protocols 2.5 Openstack Integration 2.6 Security 2.7 Horizontal Scalability and High Availability 3 The Data Model 3.1 Programming model 3.2 Configuration and Operational data model 4 Open Contrail Use Cases 4.1 Data Center Domain Use Cases 4.2 Network Functions Virtualization for SP Networks 5 Comparison of the Open Contrail System to MPLS VPNs 6 Acronyms 7 References This chapter provides an overview of the Open Contrail System – an extensible platform for Software Defined Networking (SDN).

All of the main concepts are briefly introduced in this chapter and described in more detail in the remainder of this document.

The main concern with M.2 NVMe, and specifically the Samsung 950 Pro as it is the only of its kind available at present, is that many are buying this SSD in hopes that it is a quick and easy upgrade for their present M.2 SSD in their ultrabook.

On the other end of the spectrum, enthusiasts are running out and buying motherboards with dual M.2 sockets in hopes of creating an amazing bootable RAID0 config with the Samsung 950 Pro, not realizing that the only way to accomplish this is with Intel RST built right into the UEFI/BIOS.

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